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  • “We want to help you start
    getting better now”
    – Katelynn

    Thank you for being here…

    We are truly honored that you are here. Rightly Dividing Truth Counseling is a team of therapists who will speak to you directly, provide you with excellent, experienced, personalized therapy, and will focus on meeting your individual (adult or child), marital, or family needs. Currently our therapists provide online counseling services to residents of Michigan, Virginia, and Florida; our anxiety class and couple/family workshops are available nationwide.

    As your therapist, our job is to help you understand whatever is causing your symptoms and eliminate that core problem. We want to ensure that people do not have to continue living their lives, their relationships, and their marriages in an anxious, depressed, or hopeless state. Our therapists will be diligent in sessions to help you understand what caused your symptoms or what has led you to where you are. With this intentionality, we do expect to see a change within three to four sessions, not three to six months; our therapists do not chit chat, but guide the sessions so that knowledge is gained and progress is made. Regardless of how long you have been feeling anxious, hopeless, lost, or living in unease, please contact us today so you can start understanding yourself/your situation, manage your emotions, improve your relationships, establish safe boundaries, achieve healthy communication, and gain control over your life.

    “Being able to wake up each morning and go to bed each night without the symptoms
    and fears that there is something wrong with you is possible”
    – Katelynn

    If you are struggling with anxiety (anxiousness, fear, insecurity, panic) our therapists have a plan to help you identify the cause of your anxiety – the actual core reason you are experiencing the anxiety – and we will help you eliminate the anxiety, not learn to live with it. After we eliminate your anxiety, we will help you understand, gain control, and manage your emotions.

    Many individuals are grieving and/or recovering from toxic or abusive relationships. For individuals, our therapists are passionate about helping you understand and recover from the pain and harm that these relationships have caused you and your thinking. If damage has been done to your marriage, the goal of couples counseling is understanding, responsibility taking, restoration, and healing. Individually and maritally, we will aid you in developing healthy boundaries and safe communication.

    Our therapists do understand the way your brain is wired to operate. Whether you have a neurological component such as autism, low self esteem or negative thinking, or have experienced a damaging/painful event or relationship, our therapists are trained to help you understand your thoughts and how those thoughts are affecting you. Our goal is to ensure you understand yourself and gain control over your life.

    Our Team

    At RDT we are a team of therapists providing you with individualized and personal attention. We specialize in working with individuals who experience anxiety/depression, struggle with toxic/abusive relationships or marriages, and who fear that there is something wrong with them. From individual to couples or family work, our therapists excel at helping you have peace in your life by identifying and resolving the core problems. We look forward to meeting you where you are and helping you get to where you want to be.

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