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  • “We want to help you start
    getting better now”
    – Katelynn

    Thank you for being here…

    We are truly honored that you are here. My goal in forming Rightly Dividing Truth Counseling is to ensure that people can have excellent clinical support from a knowledgeable and experienced therapist. Currently our therapists provide online counseling services to residents of Michigan, Virginia, and Florida; our classes and workshops are available nationwide.

    We want to ensure that people do not have to continue living their lives in a depressed, anxious, or hopeless state. With the right kind of counseling, you can have a fulfilling life. A life that you do not dread, fear, or are unable to manage. We want you to understand that your symptoms are not your fault, you do not have to live like this forever, and there is hope. You can be free from the symptoms that are debilitating you.

    “Being able to wake up each morning and go to bed each night without the symptoms
    and fears that there is something wrong with you is possible”
    – Katelynn

    As your therapist, our job is to help you understand and eliminate the cause of your symptoms. Since we do not want you to continue to feel the way that you do, we will be diligent in our sessions to learn the truth about what caused your symptoms. With this focus, we do expect to see a positive change within three to four sessions, not three to six months. Regardless of how long you have been feeling anxious, hopeless and believing that you are the problem, please consider contacting us today so you can start getting better now.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. Our goal is to help.

    Our Team

    At RDT we are a team of therapists providing you with individualized and personal attention. We specialize in working with individuals who believe that they are the problem and their situation is hopeless. From individual to couples or family work, our therapists excel at helping you see progress in your life by identifying and resolving the core problems. We look forward to meeting you where you are and helping you get to where you want to be.

    Don't Wait to Get the Support You Need