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    Counseling for Autism

    Do you struggle to understand social interactions? Do you prefer to think in black and white, literally versus figuratively? Do people tell you that you “think” or “act” differently, more bluntly, than others? Have you experienced distress when the plan has changed or something unplanned/unprepared for has occurred? Are you struggling to understand or manage your emotions and the emotions of those around you? Whether you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Autism or your thinking lean towards autistic tendencies, please know there is nothing wrong with you and we are here to help you understand how you think.

    Autism Spectrum Disorder is a larger term to identify individuals whose brains are processing in a more linear/literal manner versus a neurotypical brain that can handle abstract/ambiguity more readily. Some individuals are more severe than others; however, individuals who are considered “higher functioning” may go undiagnosed due to their unaware ability to hide their struggles and/or compensate through other means. Unfortunately individuals with very rigid thinking have relationship, workplace, and personal struggles that can cause anxieties, depressive type moods, and overall lack of self worth/self esteem.

    Our goal at RDT is to allow every client the ability to understand themselves and how they are processing information. If you or your loved one is struggling with rigid thinking and relating/communicating has been painful or unproductive, please consider therapy. Often our client’s on the Spectrum feel that they are not understanding the social interactions of those around them and they blame or isolate themselves. Also, they struggle to calm themselves and successfully relate to others. We want you to know it is possible to understand how you are interpreting information, successfully manage distressing situations, as well as develop a way to communicate effectively with those around you.