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    Counseling for Depression

    Do you struggle with low or flat periods of time? Are you struggling to enjoy life? Has getting up in the morning and caring for yourself become impossible? Are your thoughts filled with negative thinking or no motivation? Extreme sadness, loneliness, isolation, crying spells, loss of pleasure, exhaustion, negative and suicidal thinking are all normal symptoms when you are depressed.

    Depression is very common, but what people do not know is that depression is not the end of your life and medication alone is not always the answer. While there are several types of depression that do require medications, there are other types of depression (more environmental, situational, or conditioning based) that require therapy in order to gain back control. If your symptoms are left untreated, depression can worsen to the point where you are not finding pleasure in living and possibly considering suicide just to have relief.

    Often our clients who suffer from depression are telling themselves that they are at fault, that they are bad people, or that they cannot get better. We know depression can cause you to lose your joy, your happiness, and your hope. Through therapy, please let us help you get all of those back.