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  • Prepare/Enrich – Premarital Preparation and Marriage Enrichment**

    For couples seeking premarital counseling or marriage enrichment, we use the Prepare-Enrich program, one of the most researched and widely respected assessments for premarital. This individualized, fun program will help you develop a deeper understanding of your strength and growth areas, communication and conflict resolution skills, and more! It generally takes about 8-10 sessions to complete, although an abbreviated version is also available.

    (Premarital Couples: Certificate of Completion offered at the end of the course if you need to provide to your wedding officiant.)

    What are couples saying about Prepare Enrich?
    “The Prepare and Enrich program taught us the appropriate, effective tools for relating personally, spiritually, and emotionally. I learned how to share my feelings more completely than I had ever before and that it was okay when I didn’t have all the answers ‘right now’. We learned how to talk with each other, not just to each other, seeking a deeper understanding that helped us grow closer together; how we could learn what each other was thinking and what we needed from each other. Highly recommend putting in the work before engagement or marriage, as it sets both of you for a successful and satisfying lifelong partnership.”
    – Couple