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    Anxiety: What It Is, What It Isn’t and What To Do About It

    If you or someone you know is struggling with anxiety and you would like more information on what anxiety actually is, what it is not, and what are your options, this class is a great fit for you. Too often anxiety sufferers are fearful or unsure of what it means to have anxiety and their loved ones and relations do not always know what to say or do. This class provides a clear education on anxiety by dismantling the common fears as well as understanding the actual core issue of anxiety. The class also provides therapeutic and personal options for each individual.

    If you or someone you know is interested in taking this course, Katelynn offers this class in both video, in person, and virtual format. Please choose from the options below:

    Online Video Course:

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    Whether you are seriously dating, engaged, newly married, raising a family, or have been together for decades, all couples benefit from intentional investment in their relationship. Currently, Amanda Kirk provides all of our classes and workshops for couples. We could not be more thankful that she is sharing her love for couples and families in this way. Amanda provides a calm and respectful atmosphere in working with couples while ensuring that progress is made.

    If you want to lay a solid foundation for a strong marriage, enhance your relationship, or even get a refresher on essential relational skills while deciding whether to pursue couple’s therapy*, one of our programs listed below may be appropriate for you!

    Prepare/Enrich – Premarital Preparation and Marriage Enrichment**

    For couples seeking premarital counseling or marriage enrichment, we use the Prepare-Enrich program, one of the most researched and widely respected assessments for premarital. This individualized, fun program will help you develop a deeper understanding of your strength and growth areas, communication and conflict resolution skills, and more! It generally takes about 8-10 sessions to complete, although an abbreviated version is also available.

    (Premarital Couples: Certificate of Completion offered at the end of the course if you need to provide to your wedding officiant.)

    What are couples saying about Prepare Enrich?
    “The Prepare and Enrich program taught us the appropriate, effective tools for relating personally, spiritually, and emotionally. I learned how to share my feelings more completely than I had ever before and that it was okay when I didn’t have all the answers ‘right now’. We learned how to talk with each other, not just to each other, seeking a deeper understanding that helped us grow closer together; how we could learn what each other was thinking and what we needed from each other. Highly recommend putting in the work before engagement or marriage, as it sets both of you for a successful and satisfying lifelong partnership.”
    – Couple

    Bringing Baby Home – Strengthen Your Relationship While Adjusting to Parenthood**

    For couples who are planning to start a family, expecting, or parenting children through the toddler years, this research-based, interactive workshop is packed with a mix of teaching, hands-on exercises, resources, and Q&A. As a couple, you will foster a strong, healthy relationship while adjusting to the stressors of becoming a family! This 12-hour workshop is offered in a variety of formats and schedules to fit your needs.

    If you are not sure which path is right for you – or you’re ready to begin working together – feel free to contact us with questions or to schedule a session.

    *Click HERE to learn more about our couple’s therapy options.

    **Note: These programs/workshops can be tailored for individual or group work – let us know which you prefer!