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  • Warrenton

    At RDT Counseling we understand that talking to a therapist on a screen might seem unusual and unfamiliar. Perhaps you’re concerned that you may not be able to ‘connect’ with your therapist over video. We completely understand and want you to know that you are not obligated to utilize a service if it does not work for you. While we have found our clients prefer this form of therapy, before you decide, let’s talk about a few things in regards to online counseling.

    Convenience: Many of our clients had been traveling two to three hours round trip to see us in our offices. Now, our clients can avoid the drive and traffic time; this cuts down on stress, gas costs, and weather related issues/delays. Also, as our clients transition into more maintenance therapy, some enjoy logging into their appointments on their lunch breaks! Scheduling appointments is much easier and simple.

    Comfort & Privacy: While an office environment can be comforting, online therapy provides ultimate privacy from the comfort of your own home or private office space. No more sitting in a waiting room or speaking to receptionists; you will also not run into coworkers or colleagues in the lobby. At RDT Counseling, you speak directly with your therapist for all of your scheduling needs as well as seeing only your therapist while at home logging into your appointment. If you have family at home, we do recommend choosing a room where you will not be disturbed.

    Attire: The best part of online counseling is being in your comfy clothes! No need to be formal or stay in work clothes. Most of our female clients are makeup free and we fully support that!

    Health: A fringe benefit of online counseling is that we can see you even if you have a cold or are contagious. While we understand needing to cancel an appointment if you are not feeling well, sometimes clients need help even when their illness would have prevented them from leaving the house. Online therapy cuts down on needed cancellations and reschedules; also, everyone remains safe while getting the support that they need.

    Travel: Many of our clients travel for work and pleasure. Having your therapist online provides you with the ability to log into your appointments from wherever your trip takes you. Also, for some clients traveling can increase stressors, therefore online counseling ensures your therapy needs will not be interrupted.

    If online counseling sounds like a good fit for your lifestyle, please contact us.