Counseling with Teletherapy

Counseling with Teletherapy

For years, I have treated my clients within an office location. I truly believed that face to face was the best and most effective way to provide comprehensive and beneficial therapy.

But 2020 brought in a brand new experience for me and my clients: teletherapy.
When the direction came to transition everyone to online therapy, I was 100% skeptical. I take my role as a therapist extremely seriously and unless I can provide the best therapy, I will not provide any.

What I unbelievably and excitedly found out was that I could still provide excellent clinical work to all of my clients through tele sessions.

While teletherapy is not for everyone (and sometimes I recommend face to face sessions), almost all of my clients (at various levels of need/severity) requested that we continue our work online instead of in the office.
The convenience, efficiency, and comfort of teletherapy does not prevent me from providing you with excellent clinical psychotherapy. I assure you, I will not treat someone unless I can provide them with the best care.

If you are unsure, I encourage you to try at least one session using teletherapy. If it is not for you, I will make sure you have a referral.
If you enjoy our time, I will continue to help you in your recovery.